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Monday, June 16, 2008

Color Me Lovely

I am growing increasingly bored with myself every minute. I want to be fun, and stylish, and quirky and just something, but I feel so plain and boring right now.

I am contemplating coloring my hair red again to give myself a little boost. My mane is currently a pale chestnut hue, which I'm sure it is actually a lovely color, but all my eyes see is mousy. What's a girl to do? I went fiery ginger a few months back and I loved it, which is strange considering my previous disdain for warm-toned hair on myself. My locks are seriously damaged and beat-up thanks to years of self imposed coloring ventures. It's my drug, to say the least, and I obsessively crave change on this particular feature. I have been nearly black (my natural hue), highlighted auburn, chocolate brown, near-blonde, and fire red. Out of everything I have tried, I must say that red imparts the most excitement and confidence in myself. Also, It gives my long waves a mermaid sparkle and makes me feel like somewhat of a mystical nymph. What more could I ask for?

There is an awesome conditioner from Aveda that deposits a lavish shade of scarlet to lighter hair. It gives just as much color than dye and actually makes my hair healthier. I adore Aveda products, and if you are clueless as to what they are, you need to look it up. Like now. They are botanically based and use organic ingredients, smell like foresty lusciousness, use recycled packaging, and leave my usual frizzily insane hair completely gorgeous and shiny. I can be green and pretty all at once.

So should I just go for it? I always feel so nervous when I decide to make a change, but I suppose it will wash out eventually and it could be a nice little pick-me-up.

It's time to reinvent. And rebel.



Nay'Chelle said...

Dont' worry about being boring at what not. Usually being quirky is all those "quirky" people think about. Just worry about your life, and being yourself, and you'll see how cool and unique you are.

However, I think red would be a fun way to liven your look up.

The Decadent Life said...

thanks =) you do have a point there. i guess i'm just going through one of those "blah" times, haha. but i do agree it's better to just be yourself and not worry about it. thanks again =D