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Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Inspiration and Life

I have been in an ethereal mood today. Though, then again, when am I not? I love stumbling upon gorgeous photography, the kind where you can't help but the be drawn in and imagine an entire story to go along with it. These are all really doing it for me at the moment, and I find myself yearning to live in the fantasy worlds that are portrayed here. I would like flowers for my hair and a fluffy, sheer frock, please. Oh, and I wouldn't mind an enchanted forest to reside in, either. Yeah, thanks.

My yard used to resemble a little fairytale-esque wood, but the once flowing grass has since been mowed to nonexistence and has dried and shriveled to a sad shade of tan. Depression =( On the bright side, we still have plenty of woodland critters, with a countless number of new baby squirrels. We came across an injured one today, as a matter of fact, and we are positive one of our dogs got to it. He was rushed to our local humane society and we are sure he will be alright. The fruit trees are also flourishing beautifully and I will soon have an abundance of yummy summer sustenance.

I am, however, in serious need of a get-away. Home life has been sitting on the mundane -- not to mention stressful -- side, and I just wish I could go on vacation somewhere lovely and exciting. Or maybe relaxing. Yes, I think I could some major relaxation at this moment in time. The official start of summer is rapidly approaching, and it couldn't come soon enough for me.

Can anyone say beach trip? I'm so there.



LINDA said...

That's a very pretty spread, but I wish I had a pretty backyard. It's all plain and... grassy. Lol.

Anonymous said...

love all of these.

I want to be some sort of fairy nymph...haha