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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inspiration and Life

My mood as of late has been cast over with a dark shadow that I can't seem to shake away. It is a strange shift from my usual happy-go-lucky perspective, but I find myself relating to and being extremely inspired by all of the hauntingly ethereal photographs that I have been seeing. They are simple and beautiful, with a pinch of creepiness. I just really love the feeling that these give off.

This photograph is the definition of my current mood. Tragically romantic and slightly morose, with an old-world charm embracing it all. I would give anything to be there right now.

At first sight, this picture seems to be an illustration meant to accompany a children's fairytale. Yet there, in the window, peers a pair of creepy children. Things are indeed not always what they appear.

This makes me think of different periods of time. The first, on the left, appears to take place in modern times, and the second looks as if it could have been taken a decade ago in the same place. It really provokes me to wonder what was happening hundreds of years ago where I am standing now. It actually very strange to think about.

More creepy children. I love the sense of danger depicted here, and it is really just a beautiful photograph.

Tonight, on my way home from the bookstore a town over, I came across a band of three impossibly tiny kittens. They were living in a bush that was situated between the street and railroad tracks, and they were playing, pouncing upon each other, and looking way to cute. So, of course, I had to stop and see them. They couldn't have been more than a few weeks old and they were scarily frail and skinny. I went to the grocery store down the street and picked up two cans of fancy feast and a bottle of milk for them. They gobbled it all down like it was going out of style. My babies...

I don't even like cats, but I wanted to take them home so very badly. I really didn't know what to do, since they're basically wild and they were very frightened of me. We had to leave them, but I'm planning on going back tomorrow to make sure they are okay and I will probably call an animal shelter to come help. I don't know if a cat randomly gave birth, or if some heartless fool dumped them, but I already love and want them all. There was a black, white, and calico, and I named them Robber, Minky, and Bandit, respectively. Yes, I know, named them. Oy! I already have two little pups, but I fear that I am rapidly morphing into a crazy cat lady. Or animal lady. Or whatever.

So that is my life story for the day. I think it's time for sleep. I miss the kitties...


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Sword Of Cativation said...

hey, long time no see. I love your blog. So im off school all this week. Lets hang out, i have nothing to do which sucks. call me when you can

Much love.