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Monday, June 16, 2008

Obsession: Miu Miu Crisscross Bootie

Holy crap, I need this shoe. Purple, crisscrossed, and in bootie form? Where do I sign up?
I honestly can't get enough of Miu Miu shoes. Season after season, I am captivated by the delectable foot adornments that Miuccia Prada magically presents. How she works such magic on me, I will never know. What I do know is that I love these booties more than words could ever say. They would be perfect will little dresses and tights or over the knee socks, skinny jeans, or fellow coveted item, leather pants. I love how the two-toned deliciousness works perfectly to cultivate a both fun and sophisticated style. I want them, I need them, I have got to have them.

Where is $575.00 when you need it?



Sword Of Cativation said...

hey, i've missed you mucho. Im actually gonna be at my Grandma's for a week or so and im leaving like now. but when i get back we will hang. maybe road trip soon. find us a good place to go.

Love ya.

and thanks for the compliment on the poem, i still think you are far superior to my skils though :)

Vintage Vinyl said...

Those are gorgeous. I agree, she just churns out amazing shoes one after the other. It should be illegal.

Stephanie said...

Woah, those are cool. I haven't even begun to look at Fall shoes yet but now I think that might be a good idea...

The Decadent Life said...

haha it should be illegal! and i have been completely awestruck by all of the fall shoes that are out, it just blows me away.

x Miss Corrine x said...


Those shoes are absolutely divine!