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Monday, June 9, 2008

Digging: Leather Pants

Lately, I have been inexplicably drawn to a certain tight, shiny, rockstar-esque garment. Yes, you guess it: leather pants. I really have no idea where this recent spout of obsession came from, but I can't control the fantasies that have been occupying my mind. I can just imagine myself up on stage, rocking out, and becoming devastatingly sweaty all whilst in a skinny, jet black pair of these neat little trousers. There is just something about them that fascinates me. While they are highly inconvenient -- all that shimmying just to get them past your knees? yikes! -- there is something so daring and rebellious about them, which is immensely intriguing to a goody two-shoes such as myself.

Imagine my joy when I opened this month's Nylon magazine to see a bit on my beloved pants -- which, consequentially, only made me long for a pair that much more. They really wouldn't be of much use until fall arrives -- and I would definitely need to lose a little to fit into a pair the way that I would like -- so I think I will sit on it for a while. Maybe I could try some black American Apparel Nylon Tricot Leggings -- which are an easy cheat for leather pants -- to see how the look suits me. I am going to have to express my rebellious side somehow, though I hope it will be with my legs swathed in leather rather than, oh say a tattoo. Although I must say I have been considering trying one of those out as well....

Just kidding!

Or... am I?



fashionpuppy said...

lol, i´d love to wear them too.. they look so cool, like rockstar. thanks a lot for the compliment! u are linked. i just clicked on the link to the pants and now i want to buy them, too... =.=°

The Decadent Life said...

haha yea, i don't know what it is, i just love 'em =) you are very welcome, and thank you for the link up!