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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I would like announce that I am hopelessly in love with chocolate dipped Oreos. I can't control myself. I think I am in need of professional help. In other news, here is a little poetry for you all.

Illusion lies in your hands tonight.
Searching for something wrong to make this right.
But the only illusion is there inside your mind.

We're dancing beneath a purple sky.
The writhing ground won't ask us why.
We shake the air with laughter as time floats by.

The words that you let fall behind,
From your dripping mouth as we all unwind.
We all fall down to the illusions in our mind.

I love not knowing what I'm trying to say. It's fun. Go dark poetry, yeah!


1 comment:

Sword Of Cativation said...

uhh. Stephanie, ur amazing at poetry. I so wish i was as good as u. Im trying though. check out my most recet poem on my blog.

I miss you.