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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sweats, Dresses, and the Blurred Line

So, first off, I just have to say that this is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Hehe =)
I can bet most of us fashion-lovers have experienced a situation similar to this. In a world where most consider pajama pants "casual" and jeans "dressy", it can be difficult to express your style without feeling overdressed. We live in a comfort-conscious era, and it really bothers me sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love getting comfy as much as anyone, but I honestly think that there is a time and place for that. Leave the fuzzy slippers at home, please. Oh, and unless you are jogging or off to the gym, the sweatpants too. Thanks. The things I see some people wearing leave me cold, bare, and wondering "Where has the world's creativity gone?". It seems the line has been severely blurred.

While I love classic-casual attire (and I practically live in jeans), I am so tired of these Holli-Crombie kids running around, thinking that they are just the most fashionable thing that has ever happened. Though I will admit that I once fell into this category -- with my first job even being at Hollister Co. -- I must say that I am way over that scene. My best guy friends both currently work at Hollister (which I suppose is okay for boys), but I long for something greater. Being the wallflower that I am, I find myself afraid to dress up a bit around most of my friends. God forbid I stand out, right? Most of the time it feels like I am completely surrounded by this casual world and it's sweatpants-wearing inhabitants. I think I may even be starting to drown a little. I can't wait for the day when I live in a big city, far from my little fashion-deprived suburbia.

I suppose I shouldn't be so afraid to express myself, since my philosophy is 'who cares?', but I still do feel slightly held back the majority of the time. Maybe I should just rebel. Maybe I will throw on a cocktail dress and heels for my next grocery store run. Or I could always take the dogs to the park whilst wearing a runway inspired, avant-garde ensemble. I'll be sure to get more than a few onlookers for that one! All I know is that I shouldn't be fearful of fashion. I need to learn to stand out a bit in this drab world. I do, after all, love the spotlight!

So does anyone else feel my pain? I would really love to hear different takes on this topic.


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