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Friday, June 6, 2008


I am constantly talking about inspiration here at The Decadent Life, and I must say that I am inspired by almost everything. If I have one goal in life, it is to help people seek out the things that inspire them the most. Here is what inspires me:

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

Let them eat cake! (I know, I know, sorry. I just had to say it!) Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette is, without a doubt, the list-topper for inspiration. I have seen this movie far too many times to count, and I am way past obsessed with the pastry-deliciousness of the pastel colors, the ruffly frills, and the ultra-luxury of 18th century Versailles. This film is the definition of decadence. Those costumes! Those cakes! That hair! For lack of a better description, Marie Antoinette is nothing less than an eyegasm. It is an aesthetic treat all around, with confectionery style to spare. My 18th birthday party last year did revolve around a bit of a Marie theme, with pastel pink, turquoise, and yellow frosted cupcakes and a night topped off with a screening of the film. I love everything about Sofia Coppola's interpretation of this historical figure, and I can't help but to be positively inspired when it comes to Marie.

Gwen Stefani, circa. Love. Angel. Music. Baby
Gwen completely embodies the whimsical spirit that I live for. I have always admired her style and spunk (even way back in her Tragic Kingdom days), because she has always dressed in a way that was all her own. She is always reinventing herself, and yet after all of these years -- and styles -- that she has been through, she is still that same Gwen. She is fearless with what she wears, and that is incredibly inspiring to me. I love that she put this high fashion spin on Alice in Wonderland, because, as we know, I am obsessed. She has gotten some major slack for more than a few of her ensemble's -- and she can be extremely costumey-- but she wears it all in such an 'I don't care' kind of way. That is why I love her. I really believe that if you love something, it shouldn't matter. I also loved her in the Rich Girl video, for which, very sadly, I couldn't find any pictures that would do her justice. So instead I, um, decided to just go ahead and post the video =) Hope you don't mind!

I remember dancing around my living room like crazy when this video was first on TRL. It inspired me then and it's still inspiring me now. I just can't help but to move around and long to be a gyrating pirate swinging on an anchor... yes, I am definitely a dork. In all, Gwen embraces what she loves, and you've got to love that. She is a bit tomboy, a bit princess, and a million bits fashionista. In my eyes, Gwen has always been -- and will always be -- one of the greatest fashion icons.

I would have to say, some of my biggest and ever-changing inspiration comes from my fellow fashion bloggers. I visit maybe 20-30 blogs per day, and I am always finding new and exciting ones to read. I am constantly amazed by what people have to say, and it is inspiring to see that there is this enormous fashion-blog community that shares my dream. There is Gala, who is like your own personal life coach, fashion adviser, and inspirational cheerleader wrapped into one, cupcake-loving gal. There is Susie Bubble of Style Bubble, who has a style that I couldn't begin to emulate. It is completely unique to her, and I love that. Noel from Miss Couturable is a sophisticated teen who possesses great style and strong opinions, and who shares my love for pretty things. There's Connie from Pretty Legit, who's one of the best dressed -- and witty-- girls I've seen. Both she and the always interesting Casey from TeenFashionista are interning at Teen Vogue this summer -- be jealous. I could really go on and on here, but I will spare you. Just take a look at my blogroll and you will understand how inspiring these girls are.

So, what inspires you?



Chelsea's Girl said...

Love your blog! I love love love the Rich Girl Video--it's one of my favs!-- the fashion is amazing... I'm obsessed w/ Gwen's stylist Andrea Lieberman!

The Decadent Life said...

chealse- oh man tell me about it!it's just amazing =)