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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Must Be Emo

Inspired by my recent insomnia spells, I have written a little poem/song. Enjoy!

Wake up.
I know that you don't want to,
But now is the time for us to go,
Before the morning erases what is left of me.

The sandman hasn't come around my door in years.
You're still lost in slumber,
While I am barely here.

Wake up,
Open your eyes, there isn't much time.
This hazy dawn will swallow me whole.
I know that you don't want to,
But it is time for us to go.

The nightingale won't sing my song.
The somber moon is a lonely friend.
As the sun is rising,
Light illuminates my end.
So wake up.

If only I could dream.
It would be of you, I know.
But it's too late for wistfulness,
And now it's far too late to go.
We sleep.

Yes, I know, it is quite morbid. Most of my poetry seems to veer in that direction. What can I say? I'm a tortured soul. This is why I have Andrew. We collaborate on lyrics for the perfect mix of emotion. He brings the happy, and I bring the emo! Though, I must say, I do believe I have rubbed off on him a bit. His poetry appears to have reached new depths, and it is actually quite brilliant. See for yourself here

Go Team Blue!


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