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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


She ran through the fading wood,
Her misted eyes searching for you.
But if only she had known back then,
You were chasing her all along.

Perfume breath that drew her near.
She should have known to feel the fear.
But little girl didn't know back then.
Now she is sinking into your hands.

She said "this can't be real".
She tried to keep her heart concealed.
That life you couldn't steal.
Her love is all that you can feel now.

This stirring of birds you held too close,
Breathing in the trembling rose.
A spark of light danced off your skin,
But your body is hollow and cold.

She laughs like she will fall apart.
You know it's only a matter of time.
And time will mock you with a smile,
As you're frozen in your prime.

So run away, love, if you must.
Just don't go to far.
Because you know without this darkness,
We would never see the stars.

Can anyone guess my inspiration? I think it is pretty obvious to anyone who has an affinity for a certain pale, sparkling, mythical creature! Hehe ;D


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