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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome, Oh Decadent Ones

Come one, come all, I welcome you to The Decadent Life.
Here you will find a mystical land filled with whimsical wonders, couture confections, boundless beauty, and your deepest, most decadent desires. This is where the possiblities are truly infinite for anyone who is infatuated with fashion. Or rather, for those of us who are hopelessy infashionated. Yes... infashionated seems to be the word most befitting to my endless devotion to all things pertaining to style. It is the pulse through my veins, the breath in my lungs, and above all, the beat in my heart.

The Decadent Life:
An existence characterized by the indulgence of, and passion for, the finer things in life.

This is my world, and I welcome you to reside with me in the lap of luxury.



Kristin said...

Well I absolutely LOVE your new blog missy! I'm going to check this every day, all day because not only do I love you but I love what you have to say. You're inspiring me, and I'm so proud of you! :)

The Decadent Life said...

Eee! Thank you so much Krissy-poo! I am so glad you enjoy it =) it makes my heart smile. I am seriously about to cry, haha! I love you so much pookie!