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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Insomniatic Style

I have been having way too much fun on Polyvore lately. Night after night, I find myself anchored to this screen, playing with clothes, forging miniature works of art. I do so until I hear those chiding, early morning birds, mocking me gently from outside my window. Much like they are doing now. What has my life become? Curse you, fashion! How you fill my heart with sleepy woes and ruthlessly write slumber across my eyes. You will be the death of me, sweet Polyvore, and yet, I love you still...

My latest creation for the How to Wear challenge.

How to Wear...Metallics!

I believe I am, officially, an insomniac. Or maybe I just really love clothes that much. Sure... I'll keep telling myself that. I suppose I will try to get what few hours of rest that I still can. Nighty night, sweets!

Or rather... good morning?


1 comment:

Sword Of Cativation said...

i love u tephnie. and ur so good at putting that fashion stuff together.