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Monday, May 5, 2008

A Method To the Marvel

As I was casually leafing through the pages of this month's Vogue, I stumbled across sheer brilliance:

photos by Craig McDean

I always love a good fantasy spread, and this was no exception. These costumes are to die for. I especially adore Poison Ivy and her lush, green organza dress. Loving mystical aquatic creatures as I do, the Little Mermaid is my absolute favorite of the bunch. Just look at that Gaultier Paris rubber bodysuit! The shell detail and sequined tail are enough to make any girl want to take a dip in her nearest body of water. It is really quite a beautiful garment. Don't be surprised if you spot someone walking down the street in a shell bustier and fish tail. It's only me =)

The article was wonderful as well. Who would have guessed that comic book superheros and fashion could be so closely related?
"The superhero is really the ultimate metaphor of fashion," declares Andrew Bolton, curator of "Superheros: Fashion and Fantasy," the Costume Institute's dynamic new exhibit (Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 7-September 1). "It's all about the transformation of identity through fashion, through clothing, through one's appearance."
-- article "Daring Do" Vogue, May 2008
Though I have never been very interested in comic books or graphic novels, I have acquired a newfound love and respect for the superhero. They are an escape into fantasy, where one can be whatever they want. I like think of it as somewhat of a secret fashion identity. Sure, everyone may think you are prim, proper, and all business, but just wait until they find that mermaid bodysuit lurking in your closet.
"Fashion, like the superhero, allows you to dream and escape into a world of unfetterd imagination" - Giorgio Armani
I couldn't have said it better, Gio.


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