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Friday, May 9, 2008

Storybook Style

If you haven't noticed by now, I am positively obsessed with fairytales. I just love everything about them. I, like many girls, loved playing princess as a child and had dreams of one day being rescued from my mundane world by my knight in shining armor. While I have yet to find Prince Charming, I have mastered the art of emulating my favorite storybook damsels. I still like to fancy myself as somewhat of a fairytale maiden. I do, after all, live in a cottage in the forest-like backyard of my grandfathers house. For woodland critters, we have several dogs, the sweetest bunny (who happens to roam free in the yard), and an entire colony of squirrels. I explained my living situation to some friends a few weeks ago, to which they responded, "Who are you? Snow White?" Sigh...if only I were.

Gala Darling, the best blogger (and so much more) in the world, wrote an article called Dressing With The Essence OF Fairytales. She is the most inspiring person I have ever seen, so check her out! I couldn't possibly explain the way to embody fairytales as she can, so I will show you instead. Here I have put together a few outfits which will evoke the spirit of our beloved princesses and storybook ladies.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice would have to be my favorite of the bunch. She is whimsy defined, and has proved to be an inspiration to many in the fashion industry. Take, for example, every pair of shoes in this set. They are the Teacup Pump by Miu Miu, and are, without-a-doubt, meant to suggest that famous tea party with the Mad Hatter. Needless to say, I am in love with these shoes. If you adore Alice, you can sport her look without having to don a pinafore. For the classic Alice look, pair a blue dress with black maryjanes and bow headband. If you are keen on the Red Queen, try a palette of red, black, and white, and accessories featuring playing cards. You could also invert the colors of Alice's uniform and wear something like this black dress with a white bib detail and white or blue shoes. Add a cute bunny minaudiere and shake well!


I adore mermaids, and Ariel has always been a significant influence on my style. I even had fire-red hair (which I loved!) a few months ago. I adore the purple pleated dress with those scaly shoes. It subtly says "Aquatic" rather than shouting "I have a tail!" Shells and pearls always help to establish a mermaid look, as do oceanic colors and flowing waves of fabric. Try a starfish necklace, a pearl headband, or an abalone clutch. Under the sea, la la la la...

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

This princess was by far the most difficult to decipher. What makes a girl Sleeping Beauty without sleep? Try a princess-pink or blue dress with bow accessories. Crown jewelry will also show off just how royal you are. A cute eye-mask will help you get your beauty sleep!

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

I must admit that I most closely relate to Miss Belle. I am a complete bookworm with a love for enchanted things. An easy way to emulate her is by wearing a sunny yellow dress and rose accessories. I also love these Miu Miu Candlestick Pumps, which are reminiscent of Lumiere, the enchanted candlestick who befriends Belle during her stay in the castle. You could also be a pre-castle Belle and wear a pretty blue dress and flower jewelry. Bonjour!


Who doesn't love Cinderella? The ultimate fairytale, she goes from a poor, abused, servant, to the prettiest princess there is. For those of us lacking a fairy godmother and pumpkin carriage, a blue dress and lucite heels with suffice. You can try a modern style with a black bow belt and headband, a classic cocktail dress with silver, glass-like heels, or, for a more understated look, a boho frock with shiny flats. Pumpkin charms will complete your lovely look. Just remember to be home before midnight ;)

The Frog Princess

Being that there is no Disney movie based on this dame, I had to use my imagination. Emerald gowns and frog jewelry come to mind, as well as flowers and golden headbands. A pretty purple dress also works well. Frog kissing is, luckily, not required. Unless, of course, you are into that sort of thing...!

Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

Jasmine would have to be the most exotic princess on the list. Cop her style with a jeweled or gold headbandand a red, turquoise, or purple dress. Tiger or serpent jewelry will add a magical touch, and sparkly sandals pull the Arabian royalty look together. Now where did I put that magic carpet...


Being that I resemble this historic lady the most, Pocahontas has always been close to my heart. A nude dress and lots of turquoise jewelry evoke the Native American spirit. Feathers are also a great addition to this look. Wear them in your hair, your ears, or around your neck. Neutral, metallic sandals are a more wearable option if you aren't crazy about moccasins. Now all that's left is to find a raccoon friend and an English captain.

Snow White

Snow White would have to be my alter ego. My mom, as a matter of fact, looks very much like Snow, with her pale pallor and jet black hair. It would be very difficult to pull off a bright blue and red top with a yellow skirt, so instead try wearing a dress in one of these colors. I personally prefer the yellow dress with with red headband, but a royal blue gown or red dress and blue bow headband work just as well. Apples and mirrors are Snow White staples, so wear them with abandon! Warning: Seven dwarfs sold separately =)


The minuscule pixie friend of Peter Pan is simply wonderful. She is spunky, adorable, and she can fly! No wonder she is a favorite of so many little girls. On my last trip to Disneyland I purchased several Tink pins for my oh-so-cool lanyard. I know, I'm a nerd, but it was pretty cute! A little green dress is a no-brainer, but the recent influx of designer puff-ball detailed shoes will really bring out the pixie in you. For the more daring ones, these Alexander McQueen woman-heeled slingbacks are a great option. Pirate-inspired jewelry also compliments this look. Tink away!

The point of this blog, besides professing my love for fairytales, is to show you that you can still be a little girl and play princess without having to wear a big, poofy dress. You want to whisper fairytale, not look like you are in a costume and make people wonder if Halloween came early this year. Whether you are sporting one character element or going full out fairytale, you want to maintain an air of mystery. Leave everyone thinking, "Hey, that girl reminds me of someone..."

As one of my favorite book and movie characters, Sara Crew, says, "I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses. All of us."

So go out and be the princess that I know you are. There is a Prince Charming out there somewhere, so don't be afraid to find him! Remember, your life is a story waiting to be written, so make waves, be different, and always love whatever it is that you do. Princess Power!


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