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Monday, May 5, 2008

These Shoes Were Made For Coveting

What is it about shoes that women find alluring? Is it the way a heel can make our legs look miles longer? Could it be a certain special detail? Maybe some of us simply feel that a shoe makes the outfit.

For me, these Prada Spring 2008 Flower Pumps say it all. I am deeply and irrevocacbly in love with them. Well, not these exact shoes per se, but a slightly different version, which, despite searching with desperation, I have not been able to locate a picture of. I have no other choice but to describe them for you: They are made of shimmering gold leather and smooth black suede with a dainty gold t-strap. The heel is as you see above, only it is painted yellow and purple rather than turquoise and blue. These shoes are positively brilliant and amazing in every possible way.

Some people, more often than not, won't really "get" or understand this shoe, but in my eyes it is all too clear: they were made for me. It is true, these shoes have been around for some time, but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that they would be within my grasp. Somehow, magically, they now are. Whether or not I will actually have them remains a mystery. I just can't get over that fabulous heel! It is really about time the heel of a shoe got some attention.

Many would imagine this hard to wear or pull off, but when paired with the right outfit, these could make magic. I picture sporting these amazing works of art with a floaty dress, frollicking through a meadow. Or maybe with a tailored pair of skinny jeans and a crisp blouse. Then again, I could vamp it up with a little black tulip-skirt dress and black tights. Oh, the possibilities! They are feminine, whimsical, and a little bit out there, much like yours truly. No wonder I am so obsessed!

The moral of the story is that you should never be afraid of fashion. So what if your friends think it's slightly ugly? If you truly love something it will never matter. Don't be a lamb when it comes to style! Cultivate your own aesthetic with what you love.
As the wonderful RuPaul once put it,
"I have one thing to say... You better work!"


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